Posted by: kurdibexoa | October 27, 2010

Islamic Girl

I hope you’ll enjoy this one



  1. stupid u……..May Allah will torture ….and if u have a good luck….u will become a muslim one day……then that time u will know how the feels ….u moron

  2. ara madarchood agar tu hm ko mil jaaya to hm tare maa chood da madarchood boor ke baal rande ke bache…….bhoshri waale tare naane ke choodo madarchood

    • @ saif , I wish I could understand what your saying, but I don’t know what language is that.

      • I hope god guide you to right path some body in your age with whit beard should think of death if you have any religion you should know you meet god and he will ask you for all what gained and what you did.
        please revise your self before taken you to grave for burring in the deep and deep !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. please do you think what are you doing i dont know who you are but i know you are Muslim and you never be change no one believe you if you writing about Muslim good think and well god make you good inshalla

  4. Im sad for this photo . the peaple of islam love the peaple english but the picture very problem ,Torah and the Bible must be read by Muslims, but a century ago has changed the Torah and the Gospels. Tip Tdnso not besmirch the Koran, because that will ride the devils (Tip Muslim) .

  5. if i just know were you are i will show to not play with ((( QURAN)))
    and talkto me with email.

  6. ohhhh ALLAH

  7. mn pashiman web site ewam krdawa
    balam awanda dalim
    eway sar le shewaw be xudan
    xuday ewa shaytana

  8. The truth islam is hidden

    The world see the false islam

    • I agree with you right now the true Islam is hidden, because Muslims don’t have enough power. I soon as they get it then everything will change. they will ruin humanity.

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